Tuesday, April 25, 2017


As I mentioned after our visit to Sioux Falls we ended up just more or less going straight back to the Tulsa RV Ranch in Beggs, OK. 

A few things had changed there since our previous stay.  The saloon was closed, but the Silverado Steakhouse had re-opened.  We  have never eaten there, but a friend says the food is good.

More of the small cowboy cabins had been installed.  Otherwise everything else seemed to have remained the same.

While we were there was a beautiful full moon.

During that full moon this fellow showed up in our living room.

Since he was so well behaved we let him leave town with us for our fall travels.

We were only there two weeks, bouncing back and forth between the RV Ranch and our farm doing basic maintenance while there.

Because the farm is in the woods and near a game reserve we have wildlife at home too.  One evening as we were leaving the farm a doe and fawn crossed the road in front of us.

All in all it was a short stay and we were soon headed east our intended destination  Williamsburg.

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