Monday, April 24, 2017


As we left Mitchell SD we had planned on making a few short visits to sites along the route home.  It turned out that we made only one stop, other than parking lot boondocking until we got back to Tulsa a few days earlier than we had scheduled.

The one stop we made was at Sioux Falls, SD. Again this was part of our 2006 travels, but a place we enjoyed so we decided to stop, snap some photos and have a meal before we moved on down the road.

Because we were pulling the fifth wheel behind us we used the designated rv camping spot which was a little bit of a walk from across the road from Falls Park, but the weather was pleasant and so was the walk.

As we toured Falls Park we saw interesting statues

 and of course the falls. I thought about posting several of the great photos Gary took, but then I realized he had taken some great videos that would show the beauty of the park better.  To view the video click here.

The falls have a long and detailed history best told on this website better than me paraphrasing it.

The volume of water was lower when we were there this trip than in 2006.  Yet the falls and the park were beautiful to see.

There are ruins from days gone by on the grounds,

as well as a modern observation tower that gives you a wonderful 360 view of the entire park.

We were there about lunch time and had not packed our usual picnic lunch to eat on the grounds because we knew from past experience they had a decent restaurant on site.  Lunch was good and the weather was so nice we choose to eat outside. 

I had the bbq baked potato and salad and Gary had a Cuban Sandwich. 

Of course, being the folks we are we spotted the usual ducks on the water periodically and this little fellow in the grass.

After the visit to the falls we headed on toward home, where we would stay at the Tulsa RV Ranch.

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