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July 23-31, 2009

Another Corps of Engineer Campground, this one was advertised on the website as $16 a night as well, but turned out to be $18 per night. It was the cheapest thing we could find on the short notice we had for this area so we decided to stay even at the higher rate because it was central to the over 60 shops we had scheduled for the area. It was also a reasonable distance from our planned weekend outing to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

You may stay at this campground for up to two weeks it is located just outside Springdale, AR. The campground hosts are very congenial and work to keep the campground tidy. It's a small campground, on about 20 sites, no hook-ups other than electric.

However, if you have a problem with the electric it gets fixed FAST. Our breaker at the site wasn't working correctly and we reported it. It was fixed almost immediately. Potable water is available at several locations throughout the park, but again you are not allowed to hook your camper up to it. Therefore we invested in water jugs to haul water in and collected condensation water from our air conditioner for flushing the toilet–the little we used it, in buckets. Again no sewer connection at the site. The dump station is near the front gate and costs $5 if you are not a registered camper.

Now a word about their showers. SNORKLE!!

Yes I said snorkle, as in scuba diving, because they will drown anyone under 6'3" They are at a pre-set temperature, which luckily is a comfortable one. You push a button and it comes on for a pre-measured amount of time blasting pretty hard. You are not limited on the number of times you can push the button and you do not have to pay for it, but I'd really recommend a shower cap if you don't want your hair wet, especially if you are only 5'1" like me. We did all our showering at the shower house because we were there far longer than a holding tank will normally go for and I was very glad I had a shower cap I had saved from a hotel shop earlier in the year.

Also, the shower curtains do not cover the shower stall entirely so be VERY careful where you put your dry clothing.

The good thing about them each shower and each toilet is an individual room with a heavy door and a lock. Privacy is yours at this campground.

It also has LOTS of shade trees, considering the heat that has hit this summer that is a very good thing. However, if you don't do hills well this is not the campground for you if you are going to walk to the bath house, it's uphill both ways from most campsites.

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS I LOVE this town, this was not our first visit there and it won't be our last. It is a quaint old town that was originally built around the healing springs that seep through the hills there. It is now an artisan town. Quaint stores, street musicians, good food, junk food, tourist trap items, fine jewelry, designer clothes and $5 t-shirts, it's all there. It also has historic buildings and a wonderful history.

To best see the town I recommend you park down at the Pine Mountain Jamboree at one end of town for free and pay either $5 each for 1 day or $8 for a 2 day pass to ride the trolley service. There are three routes that will take you all through the town, up to the Passion Play on the hill, up to the historical district, down to the artist area, and all around the town. It also stops and most hotels and at least the Wanderlust campground, where we have stayed in the past. Not a frugal campground, but a really well kept one.

As you ride keep your eyes open there are great sculptures all over the town. Let your eyes feast on the great old architecture, stop to read all the historical markers and by all means get off the trolley and walk, there is so much to see and do in Eureka Springs you'll fall in love too.

There is a reason so many weddings are staged there, historic beauty. You can spend days there and not spend a penny if you choose not to, or you can spend more than your annual budget the choice is yours.

This trip we only spent one day there this trip, but there was work to do. We will be back.

Jan who loves to just walk and look in towns like this both in and away from OK

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