Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Because we only had about six weeks before we needed to be back in Oklahoma we decided to move a little quicker toward our destination of Williamsburg, VA.  Therefore, we parking lot boondocked the first couple of nights as we traveled. 

One stop wasn’t scheduled, but due to clumsiness on my part we had to stop and get my eyeglasses repaired.  So that delayed our travels by one day. 

Once we got to the Nashville, TN area we pulled into the Seven Points campground COE  to stay a couple of nights using our National Parks Pass to get the half price rate and to  visit the Hermitage.

In our rush to move on we forgot to take photos of the campground until we were already vacating the site.  Slides all rolled in and everything. 

It was a pleasant and clean campground, with very few campers there.  I don’t know if it was the time of the year, or the fact we travel mid-week, but we encountered very few campers in all the parks as we were headed east.

Our two night stay there was just long enough to visit the Hermitage and then move on.

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