Sunday, October 25, 2009


For those of you who follow the adventures of the animals here on the Rock ‘n Tree Ranch this is a new name to you. That’s because she’s a new addition.

We’d been home about two weeks when we came in from a long day of mystery shops to find Sean sitting on the loveseat with a gray lump on his shoulder. All ears and worried looks the small cat look at us as we entered her strange new world.

“What’s that?” I said. We’d all agreed no new animals until finances improved, yet here sat a kitten.

“Uhhh, I bundled up all the cat fur and this is what I made out of it. I’m pretty crafty you know.” My red headed son replied.

Looking at her I could see she was indeed the colors of all four cats combined. I said nothing.

Dh came through the door and just beamed when he saw her. He’s the world’s biggest sucker when it comes to kittens.

Sean spilled the beans on her history. A lady at work had her out of a house where the people had been evicted over a week earlier. The woman had seen the tiny kitten sitting on a window sill yowling pitifully, she was hungry.

The lady couldn’t stand it and wiggled through a dog door and brought the 6 to 8 week old kitten to work. Sean is his father’s child and broke our agreement instantly.

Watching her racing around the house I said she gets around as much as a gypsy, and that she was as pesky as a skeeter. Sean announced that was it and named her Gypsy Skeeter, her picture is of course to the left.

Over the last 10 days the older cats have handled her being around this way.

Murray, ignores his little sister entirely.

Amy and her son Jellybean alternate between ignoring her and trying to kill her.

Lizzie Borden is being just that she’s going to kill that kitten with 18 whacks! For Gypsy’s safety we are always present or have Gypsy locked up anytime Lizzie is around. Lizzie has been the spoiled baby of the four and she’s not taking moving to middle child status well at all.

We’ve been giving her special attention and treats when she’s a good girl. When she tries to hurt the kitten we spray her with a water bottle. She’s slowly realizing she’s still Mama and Daddy’s girl and the kitten will take nothing from her. For the first time in over a year Lizzie crawled into bed with me this morning.  It was nice to have her laying on my chest purring once again.

I know they will eventually work it out, Gypsy cowers into a submissive position whenever Lizzie enters and area, so the calico still rules the castle.
Jan who had forgot how hard kittens play and has the scratched up hands to prove it in OK

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