Saturday, April 15, 2017


After our two week stay in Custer, SD at the Echo Valley Campground we started our journey back toward Oklahoma for our various appointments.  We had allowed plenty of time to stop and see some sites along the way.

Our first stop was in the Badlands of South Dakota, staying at the Sleepy Hollow Campground in Wall, SD.  It is located just a few blocks from the famous Wall Drug, so an easy walking distance.  That is very handy to say the least because, as with any tourist town, parking is a bear when you are driving a large vehicle. 

The campground is what we classify as the “parking lot” type.  Every site is a pull thru at an angle, just as if you were in a parking lot.  There are a few trees and bits of grass, but the campers are fairly close to each other.

There Is a small grocery in the campground office, with the bare minimal of goods in it, but then you are within walking distance of town so that is not a big concern. Larger groceries are but a short drive away if you need more than a few items.

Our first night there we were treated to an absolutely beautiful sunset.

Our main reason for visiting Wall was of course Wall Drug and the Badlands.  If you don’t know the history of Wall Drug,  here is a brief description.  A couple had a failing business in this tiny town in the middle of nowhere until one day the wife suggested they give free ice water to the travelers as they passed.  What started out as a simple gesture slowly morphed into a booming business.  You can read all about it here.

We had been to Wall Drug as one of our stops in 2006 on what was our all-time favorite vacation, so naturally we wanted to go back.  Some things had changed, but others had remained the same.
The drug store itself had grown in size adding more small shops inside it.  The food had definitely gotten worse.  How in the world can you make a bad hot dog?  The even bigger question is how can you make such a lard sandwich and then justify charging those prices.  Let’s just leave it at that and take my suggestion and eat anywhere but at Wall Drug.  You will thank me later for the suggestion.
Other than the hot dog being absolutely burnt, greasy and cold all at once we did enjoy ourselves there.  We goofed around in the “backyard” with the displays.

Toured the different shops watching the animatronic displays, but purchased nothing.

Posed with the various statues for photos and waited around for the dinosaur to “wake up”.  It was a simple day, but we did enjoy ourselves.

Wall Drug, like so many sites we go to is one of those things everyone should see at least once in their tour of the USA, but once is really enough.

Speaking of  dinosaurs, apparently one of them from Wall Drug escaped.  We spot this fellow on the edge of town.  Supposedly he is life size.  If so....well that is 6'2' Gary at the base of it.

While we were camped at Sleepy Hollow we also visited the Badlands.  Natural beauty at its finest.  That I will put in a separate post

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