Monday, August 15, 2016


All the spring and summer rains have made it impossible to get the fifth wheel up the driveway due to washed out ¼ mile drive and trees that grew like crazy due to all the rains.  So we figured rather than damage the Montana it would be worth staying at a campground the few extra days we had decided to stay in the area.

We could have easily stayed at the Okmulgee State Park again, but being the math nerd I am I started looking at numbers both cash wise and time wise.

Tulsa RV Ranch, who accepts Good Sam’s Club and active military discounts, is $35 a night without discounts, or $150 per week, they also have monthly rates and are a year round park. Not to mention they have a horse camp for those who travel with your horses.  You cannot stack discounts and I noticed the electrical boxes on the monthly ones had a meter slot, so that would be a consideration if you were looking at staying there for a month or more.

I will go into more details about the campground after I get through with the math part.
We decided to stay a week extra to take advantage of the weekly discount.  This campground was roughly 5 miles closer to the farm than the one at the lake, and a good 20 miles closer to all the places we needed to run errands to.  Adding in the discounts, the fuel consumption saved and the time.  The RV Ranch was a lot better choice for this trip.

Now about the Tulsa RV Ranch, it is strictly rv’s no tent sites.  Most of the sites are pull through and many of them are 50 amp.  We saw NO public restroom in the campground part, but there was a metal building painted to look like a wild west series of buildings and it did have a bath house on one of the signs, so perhaps it is there. 
Most likely there are at least restrooms in the arena. 

Pets are welcome with all the usual rules.

If you want wi-fi it too is an extra variable fee, we opted to just use the wifi at the farm for our needs. 

What it does have is rental trailers, small cabins, a horse motel, a LARGE arena, a saloon with entertainment, a general store (albeit poorly stocked), putt putt golf course, pool tables, a weekend restaurant, cowboy church, and go carts.  Oh and did I mention it has a horse motel as well?  This is not your usual campground.

It is located right on highway 75 between Okmulgee and Glenpool Oklahoma near the Duck Creek Casino and about 10 miles south of the Glenpool Supercenter Walmart.

They seem to always have something going there, whether it is karaoke at the saloon, or barrel racing in the arena something is always in the works there.  It is also a work in progress.  They are constantly adding more and more to it.

While we were there they seem to be adding more “cowboy cabins” with attached horse stalls by the arena. 

You can visit their website and find out what is going on when at this link Tulsa RV Ranch.

Now for the down side of it. The day we checked in the lady working the desk was less than friendly.  Not mean or grumpy, but I guess “cold” would be the best term.  Perhaps it was because we were there asking for a spot without the trailer and that threw her off.  We explained we were on our way to pick it up, but that didn’t seem to push her friendly button at all. 

We had already been on their website so we knew about the weekly rate, but when I asked about other discounts she volunteered no info.  You see at that point we weren’t certain if we wanted to stay a full week or not.  It wasn’t until I noticed the Good Sam emblem that she said yes they gave a discount but it would only bring it down to $31.25 per night, so the weekly rate was cheaper.

When we asked for certain pull thrus we were told they were not available for a week and we had to settle for a back in.  No problem, at least that site was partially shaded where the  four pull thrus—that remained VACANT the whole time we were there, except for two late evening arrivals that left before daybreak on two different occasions, --were in full sun.

It is our thought they have set places for set number of days and they won’t alter from that, but that is just our assumption. Holding spots for overnighters is probably a good business concept.  I know there have been times I would have given my eye teeth for a campground at the last minute.

We also asked permission to aerial film the park and was given an adamant NO by MS Chilly. Sorry again.

Another strange thing about the set-up is the hook-ups are all at the middle of the pad, which means we had to set the fifth wheel further forward on the pad than we normally would have in order for all our hook-ups to reach without using extensions. No biggie, we are adaptable.

Although the dumpsters were emptied regularly they seemed to be always full.  Not sure how that happened as there weren’t that many people in the park.

The campground wasn’t dirty, but it wasn’t exactly clean either.  Perhaps they just hadn’t had time to clean our site up before we occupied it, but I had to move several items off our gravel pad before we backed in.  We definitely left the campsite cleaner than it was when we arrived.

The entrance/exit is on a hill directly onto highway 75, which is divided at that point and heavily traveled.  While turning right (north) is no problem, someone pulling a big rig trying to turn left (south) might get to wait awhile for a break in the traffic to get out as the medium break is just large enough for a pickup to sit in waiting for a break on the southbound traffic, no where near big enough for a truck and trailer for certain.

When weighing the pros and cons of the place it balances out to be a decent place to stop, especially if you are interested in cowboy style entertainment. 

We a observed various long term campers washing their rigs and found there was nothing in the rules that said you couldn’t.  So we took advantage of it to knock some of the diesel exhaust and bugs off of Betty Claire.  She seemed to be a happier camper after her bath.

After she was bathed we added the new USA states outline decal we had picked up while staying at Edmond from the Oklahoma City Camping World.  We decided with this one we would basically start over with filling in the states with only the ones we had visited since Gary had retired.  Those four little states: AR, MO, OK and TX sure looks pitiful.  We’ll have to fix that.

Next stop: El Dorado Kansas State Park finally traveling to areas we haven’t previously been and adding state five to our map away from OK.

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