Thursday, June 30, 2016


As I wrote in last post we discovered that even in the first part of June first come first serve campsites can fill up FAST!

We had gone to the Hickory Point area on this lake first and discovered it completely full on a Thursday afternoon.

When we had previously looked at Red Oak we had seen a couple of 30 amp sites that we could MAYBE squeeze our 50 amp trailer into.  We own the adapter to go down to 30 amp and knew it meant there would be a lot we wouldn’t be able to use, but we needed a nearby place to put the camper for 5 days. 

We figured if we had to we could just park the camper in a site and go to stay at the farm, although we preferred to not do that. 

So back to Red Oak we went.  As is our usual habit we stopped at the park attendant’s trailer first. 

A very lovely cheerful woman greeted us and when I asked her if she had anything we could use for five days for a 37 ft, 50 amp fifth wheel with 4 slides she asked her husband inside.

They put us on the handicapped site!  She said rules were that if someone came in TRULY needing the handicapped site then she would have to bump us, but in all the time they had been there they had NEVER had to bump anyone, in fact she didn’t remember any handicapped people ever camping on it.

This site was great! A pull through, easy set-up with at least some shade and less than a football field from the restroom.

It was fairly level, amply wide and had a sewer hook-up.  No other sites (other than the host site) had sewer hook-ups.  Because of the sewer it was $21 a night rather than $18. 
We weren’t at the camper enough during daylight hours to take an aerial view of the camp ground, or even to observe the wildlife much.  In fact we barely even slept there because of various errands and chores that needed done while we were in the area.

It was a well maintained campground with decent restrooms and more than sufficient amount of dumpsters and we will go back there in the future if need be.  I would suggest if you are planning on staying at any of the campgrounds on this lake you arrive as early in the day as you can and be prepared to find it full. Have a back up plan in case it is full

Nor did we visit any attractions.  But then this was our home base so we had previously visited many of them and blogged about them on various “staycations” over the last few years.

We have previously visited the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK and the Tulsa Zoo in Tulsa, OK both are great.  Nice habitats for the animals and plenty to see.

The Creek Nation Festival in Okmulgee, OK was  scheduled for the week after we left, but we had attended it on more than one occasion.  If you follow the hyperlink above  you can find out more about it, the rodeo and the free concerts included in the event. 

The free concerts each year at the Creek Nation Festival have different artists every year.  Arrive to the concert venue early and bring your lawn chairs.  They do use the jumbotrons so everyone can see.

Taken a Fall Foliage Tour  of the area.

These were all well worth visiting again and we may when we are back at the farm in the future.

After our five day stay there we headed out to go north, but once again the fates had other plans for us.

Jan who hopes that sooner or later she and her husband will be moving on down the road at regular intervals away from OK

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