Friday, June 10, 2016


After our delicious meal last year at Dobyn’s Restaurant in the Keeter Center on the campus of the College of the Ozarks, aka: Hard Work U we were determined to go back this trip. 

This time we did not make reservations, and were lucky enough to be seated immediately.  I guess it was because it was finally sunny, at least for a while and the vacationers were all in Silver Dollar City.

The copper ceilings were gleaming, and the seating was just as rustic as before. 

The view out the large windows was gorgeous.  We had hoped to walk out on that balcony to take some photos of the scenery, but they were seating diners out there and we felt it would be rude to interrupt their meals to take photos.  Oh well, guess we’ll just have to go back another time.

The food and service was just as wonderful as it was last trip.    They once again started the meal with the fresh made rolls and cranberry biscuits,

 fresh butter and made on campus apple butter.

Using the copper clad menu we were offered we chose different meals to see if everything was equally as good. 
 You can also view the menu prior to arrival by visiting the website. We were not disappointed.  Gary had the pot roast.  

And I had the comfort food of all time, BBQ Mac n Cheese, complete with freshly made pasta and smoked gouda cheese sauce. so good!

Once again my meal was so huge I took over half of it back to the camper and ate off of it for two more meals. 

When dessert time rolled around Gary choose the chocolate cobbler a la mode, choosing salted caramel ice cream for the topping.

 I had the Lemon Blueberry Bread Pudding again. I was mildly surprised when it came out plated different and with no whipped cream, but it was still as delicious as I remembered.  Once again I took half of it back to our home on wheels, where I added whipped topping when I ate it for dessert the next night.

The price for the meal ran real close to what it did last fall when we were there and we still felt the luxury of the meal for this one time was worth it.

After our meal we went down to Honor Lake there on campus to watch the swans and ducks.  With all the various water fowl we have raised and ooed and ahhhed at in zoos we had never seen cygnets (baby swans).  These little guys were still at the downy stage and not the least bit afraid of us, Mama didn’t seem the least bit concerned humans were near her young as she preened on the island in the middle of the lake. The cygnets even seemed to be posing for us as we snapped photo after photo.

There is also a display of students of honor at the park

After enjoying the birds and the coolness of the breeze and shade we went on up to the Ralph Foster Museum, before everything started closing on the campus.  There was so much more to see we decided we needed yet another day on campus and went back the Tuesday after Memorial Day to finish up the museum thanks to the generosity of a gentleman (see post on the museum to learn about this). Visit the one room Star School and take photos at Look Out Point. While there we also went to the 911 Memorial and the Missouri Viet NamVeteran Memorial before we once again ran out of time, with still more left to see.

Oh well, I guess our next visit we’ll have to finish the grounds and perhaps have another yummy lunch?

This is running too long, so instead of including the descriptions of the museum and memorials here click on the links to be taken to the separate posts on them.

Jan who enjoys exploring places at a slow easy pace with a camera in hand traveling all over the USA.

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