Monday, June 27, 2016


Because the farm is not an actual campground, but we are trying to keep track of things as we go for when we are old and getting senile (no jokes please) We decided any time we must be at the farm for one reason or another it would be a halfway point between two campgrounds.  Thus the 3.5 in the title.

Being the good “grandparents” we are we took plenty of time to spoil our grandpuppies and grandkitties bringing extra treats, a wading pool for the dogs, and of course letting them into the air conditioning on the 100 degree days that hit during this pit stop.

Most of our days were spent checking out local area campsites for future stopovers for appointments and holidays.  The spring rains had pretty well made the driveway on the farm impassable for the fifth wheel.  Rather than fight with it we had decided staying at local campgrounds would be a better option.  Less possibility of damage to the camper for certain.

We have return trips to the farm area scheduled for July and September due to various appointments and then the holiday season as well to be with our son for Thanksgiving, his birthday, and Christmas.  So we needed convenient, less expensive and winter camping options for those three time periods.

The first day out doing this little errand we checked the campsites at the Okmulgee, OK Lake Campground and Dripping Springs COE Campground that is on the same lake as the Okmulgee one. 

Okmulgee Lake has two rv camping areas (Red Oak and Hickory Point), several day use areas and tenting areas. 

Dripping Springs has several campsites as well.

All are first come first serve sites.  We decided we preferred Hickory Point the most and because it was less than a 30 minute drive to the farm it was a viable option for the July and September visits.

Second was Red Oak. We actually preferred it, but had to make it second  simply because it had only one site with 50 amp that we could easily get our rig into and it was very clearly marked HANDICAPPED.  Because both of us enjoy good health now this was not a viable option for us, or so we thought.  See next post.

Dripping Springs we pretty much ruled out because of the size of the spots.  It is an older campground and so it is geared more toward the older smaller campers or tents.
All three are well maintained.

Another day we went to the Kellyville area to check out the campsites on Lake Hudson.  The distance, combined with the size and quite frankly condition of some of the campsites caused us to rule this one out. They are doing some renovations to this campground, so we will check it again in the future,

None of these sites would be an option during the holiday visit as they are all closed then.

We also checked out Tulsa RV Ranch which is 15 minutes from the farm.  While it costs slightly more it is open for the holiday season and has monthly rates.  So we plan on booking there soon to camp that month there.

While at the farm we helped our son with several chores, tried to find a lost cat that sadly has not been found as of this posting date.  Even more unfortunately it was my lap kitty Sir Oliver Inkwell that went missing.  I am still upset about it two weeks later.  There is a chance he is still there in the woods and just hiding from the dogs, but not likely at this point.

My son needed to do some travel for work and since our camper wasn’t suppose to be ready for a few days yet we agreed to farm sit while he went on site. 

Wouldn’t you know it.  We had no sooner made that decision and the camper was ready.  Sort of…

As soon as they brought the repaired camper around the corner I spotted it.  A dark scrape all down one rear corner  that had not been there when we brought the camper to them for the topper repair.

The silicon disk for the king pin was also missing.  They replaced the silicon disk immediately after we pointed it out and the paperwork showed that we had one on there when it arrived.

We pointed it out to them as well about the damage to our unit which was more concerning, much more. They immediately inspected the unit and agreed it was lot damage done there on site. Only they couldn’t get to fixing it right away.  Seriously?  I held my temper and asked when they could fix it.

I know it wasn't major damage, it could have been a lot worse, but the point is they damaged it. It is hard to tell from this photo but the scrape is all the way down that corner,

Could we hang around a month or so?  They had an opening they could put us in for then OR we could leave it with them that day and they MIGHT be able to get to it sooner, maybe in two to three weeks, but they REALLY didn't have a good place to store it they were so packed with everyone wanting their camper work done to head out for the summer.

We had travel plans to head north and needed to be back for another series of appointments in July so we made a locked in appointment for that time frame, got a receipt showing that it was lot damage, they were going to pay for the repair in full and it would be done immediately when we brought it back so as to not further interrupt our travels.

Several photos were taken by both them and me.  As you can see it is a scuff.  There appears to be no fiberglass damage, but it will need to be buffed out and resealed.  They will also need to replace the rain channel and some of the trim.  They tell us it should only be in the shop two to three days at that time.  We’ll see. I'm certain there is more work our son needs done on the farm for a few days. 
Of course this now meant we needed to use the local campground now instead of in July as we had planned while waiting for our son to return from Texas.

It was a Thursday in early June when we pulled our camper to Hickory Point to find that the nearly empty campground we had seen on Tuesday was now completely full!  Not a good sign, or was it?

Just on a lark Gary drove us back the two miles or so to Red Oak, our second choice….

Red Oak and what happened there in the next post.

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