Friday, June 10, 2016


There are two memorials to brave men and women on the campus of the College of the Ozarks, both can be very moving.  The first we visited was the 911 “Lest we Forget” memorial.

We all remember where we were on 9/11.  We sat as a nation stunned in the horror of the loss of the 2,996 lives on that day.  We were all forever changed by the horror.

37 of those lost were the Port Authority Officers.  The column and flanges in this memorial are from the rubble of the World Trade Center.  It is called “St. Michael’s 37” in honor of those 37 and because the column and flanges resemble the body and wings of an angel. 

This memorial is next to the fire station on campus, which seems very appropriate in honor of those firefighters who risk their own lives.

After we visited this memorial we exited the campus to drive directly into the Missouri Viet Nam Veterans Memorial.

We had driven by this section a few times before, but never stopped.  At Dobyns Restaurant when we ate they had a smaller memorial in honor of Memorial Day.  We decided then and there we were stopping at the memorial on our way out.

It is a loving tribute to those who gave their lives in Viet Nam that had lived in Missouri.  From the inspirational inscriptions

 to the “Wall” with the names of the 1,410 Missourians that lost their lives in the conflict, flanking each side of a beautiful statue that represents all those who fought, 

To the paving stones family members have purchased in the center of the exhibit

To the observation benches that you can rest and contemplate on it was all beautifully done. 

Just past the walls of the memorial is Veterans Grove.  It was dedicated by President George W. Bush on his April 2011 visit to the campus.  There are over 100 sugar maple trees that were planted to honor the veterans who have traveled with college of the Ozark Students to the various historic sites of many historical war sites as I mentioned in my post on the Ralph Foster Museum visit.
Beside each tree is a bronze marker with the veterans name and branch of the service.

All in all these free silent memorials remind us of those who came before us to fight for our nation and sadly those that will go after us for the same reason.

Jan who feels blessed to live in such a great nation

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