Thursday, August 18, 2016


Our friend Cliff from back home recommended we visit the Cowtown museum while we were in the area and we are glad we did.  It was right up our alley as a way to get a taste of history and a little exercise.

The museum is all outdoors in a series of actual buildings from around the area that they use for their displays.  They said they were the only ones in the area to use the actual old buildings.  So it made it that much nicer.

The fees are reasonable to help keep the museum afloat, but we did find out quite by accident that Gary being a veteran got us a bigger discount than AAA or senior citizen.

I believe the docent said there 35 buildings in all and most were open to view at least partially. They were on a couple of different streets

and ranged from the poorest to the richest style of living arrangements.

 I particularly liked the farm at the end of town

There were many of the usual buildings you find in the recreation towns, but all were well outfitted that we went in. 

Some had people in them to discuss the house/business they were in and gave you bits of insight into the lives of that decade.  All that you are allowed to go in, which is most of them, are well outfitted in period correct items for that particular location.
Because we meandered around doing things like going to the gunfight, which is two shows daily in different locations and different scripts daily

To stopping for a soft drink in the saloon ($2 each—20 ounce bottles) and just enjoying the day out we waked roughly two miles that day.

There was a lot to see and we took far too many photos of the little recreation town to post here.

All in all we really enjoyed our afternoon there and want to thank Cliff again for putting us on to the Cowtown Museum and the beautiful artwork nearby in the museum complex there in Wichita.

If you have places you think we should visit as we explore this great nation of ours we’d like to hear from you.  You never know what jewel we might miss because no one told us about it.

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