Sunday, May 14, 2017


We were in North Carolina for around a week, which was long enough to get to meet my facebook friend and steadfast cancer support buddy, Lea. 

She was the person I leaned on the most besides family when I was going through those scary times.  It was her I shared the news with that Christmas Eve that the doctors had been successful and I was cancer free. 

Until our visit to NC Lea and I had never met face to face.  It was a joyous occasion for me.  We had a wonderful meal at Cracker Barrel halfway between our two base locations. 

Our home base was at the Hagan Stone City Park in Pleasant Garden, NC. The campground was a basic simple campground.  

Our first night there we were told to set up wherever there was not an orange cone and we would be fine to stay for several days.  So we did just that, in a nice level graveled spot that was plenty big enough for our long fifth wheel as well as an individual water spigot.  We got completely set up and settled in for the night. 

The first thing the next morning the staff had changed their mind and told us that despite the fact there were no reserved signs or cones we had to move because there were others who had plans for our site.  They never used the words, “reservation” when we were discussing moving. The staff carefully worded their statements to not include the word reservation.  Instead they said things like “We have someone else who wants this spot.”

 We try not to rock boats with anyone, so we moved to the campsite they told us we needed to move to.  A short, sloped, grassy/muddy spot that was so short we had to park our truck in the middle of a grassy area across the road from our camper.  Our water spigot was a shared one, the park did not provide a splitter connector either.  Luckily, we had one. 

You can see by the first photo on this post how close our trailer was to the road in the park, where the dirt is showing is the road.

Having to move was not a big problem, but it did irritate us that we had  been told we could park there because it was not reserved and the people who “wanted” that site did not come in for five days. When they did it was a group of tent campers on an rv site, that blocked paths around their campsite with signs you were not to walk on the park paths while they were there. 

If there hadn’t been two LARGE designated tent site camping areas we could have understood better tents with no rvs being in the rv area.. In fact that weekend the tent campgrounds were fairly empty, while they were turning away rvs due to the large number of tents on the rv sites. 

We were told by permanent residents there that what happened to us had happened before because that group tent campers were locals that were friends with the staff. 

If they had reservations, that is fine, but why were they not in the tent area that was just one loop over either direction?  Why on rv sites?

Other than that our visit at the campground was pleasant, our very close neighbors were friendly and helpful, we had some charming evenings with them.

We also enjoyed walking the nature trails in the campground and seeing the marathon runners.

Other than taking long walks in the park and seeing Lea we just chilled in this area without visiting any local sites.

We would stay there again, but we would make certain that we had a guaranteed reserved site. 

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