Sunday, May 14, 2017


As we pulled into this beautiful campground we knew we were in for a pleasant stay.  The camp host greeted us immediately and suggested campsite #1 that offered a newly created beautiful view.  They had just cleared the area a few hours earlier of some undergrowth that had previously blocked this gorgeous view from our camper.

Of course we had to drag the fall decorations out to match those of the various campers in the campground.

I do have to admit our closest neighbor, Mr. Squirrel did not take kindly to  ghost on his tree.  He in fact chatted with Gary about it for awhile, as shown in this video.

Plus, I must admit I wanted the campsite to look nice because my facebook friend, Sharon Hudson was going to come for a visit during our brief stay.  I was very excited to meet her face to face.

I was not disappointed, she was so much fun and brought the most delicious cake with her.  One of her own making I might add.  She is the owner and baker of AKAKery and ships her beautiful cakes every where. 

This little gem was key lime in flavor and oh so good!  I would highly recommend her cakes to anyone.

After our too short visit with Sharon we headed out after just a couple of days at this very well maintained and beautiful campground.

We had been hoping to get into Ft. Wilderness at Walt Disney World, but had been told they were booked solid.  Stubborn soul that I am we headed that way anyway once we were certain all threats from Hurricane Matthew and the storms that followed him were over.

We weren’t certain where we would stay, but we were certain it was time to go back to the Mouse House. 

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