Monday, September 7, 2015


On the way back to the camper we ran a few errands, yes even in retirement there will be errands to run, so we dealt with those and then went “home”

Because it is Friday the campground had filled up more, and the air was once again filled with the smell of wood smoke.  Wonderful!

We were also greeted by the smell of chili we had left cooking in the Crockpot that morning.  It went so well with the 60 degree temperatures the evening was bringing.
This is one of the things we plan on doing as we travel, leaving meals cooking in the crockpot on days we go out on an adventure to help cut the amount of eating fast food we do.  Only today we were both so full chili was the last thing we wanted. 

Gary finally ate a bowl of it around 7:30pm.  It’s now nearly 9 pm and I am thinking I’ll skip the chili tonight and go straight to dessert!  Hey, that whipped cream could separate right?

As I type Gary is in the living room watching a dvd we purchased years ago from one of those cheap bins at Wal-Mart.  A Steven Segal movie,”Exit Wounds”.  This goes along with our trial run as well.

We have a large stack of dvds accumulated over the years we have never watched.  We will haul them with us to watch at campgrounds where there is no television service.  Then at the next campground that has a laundromat or club house leave it with a note that it is an RAK (Random Act of Kindness) and it was free for the taking. 
That way we will lighten our load as we go and share the entertainment.

Earlier today as Gary transferred photos to my computer I sorted five packages of five different RAK that I have received from a Cuttlebug group I am on to take photos of all the goodies.

Once the photos were taken then I resorted them to like items for future crafting. Organization will be essential in doing in being able to take my crafting with me.

It was relaxing playing with all the beautiful die cuts, and stamped images I had received. Just knowing I didn't have hundreds of things I should be doing around the house in the already clean and organized camper made the sorting all that more enjoyable.

Just before we left home there was a small herd of cows on one section of our property.  While we don’t own cattle, it is not uncommon for a neighbor’s fence to go down and part of their herd, be it cattle or horses to wander on to our property.

Because we have ponds and unmown fields the animals usually come as far as our place and graze until their owner comes to round them up.  We never have an idea where they come from.  So we just patiently wait on the owner. 

I just spoke to our son and he says it is no longer just four or five cows but a whole herd, including calves.  They are quickly clearing our overgrown areas and leaving us a generous supply of fertilizer. 

He also says our outside animals are NOT amused with these big critters roaming the property. According him, Lizzie Kitty is not happy about those big "dogs" wandering around in her yard and has demanded he remove them.  

Poor old Jolie, the collie mix, is so near blind she hid in the garage while he was at work and didn't come out until he came home and scared the cattle away from the garage. Liz was standing guard over her from the safety of the porch rail. My furbabies are not happy.

 Sooner or later the owner will show up, in the meantime the mowing is getting done the natural way.

Added at a later date: The owner apparently reclaimed his herd in the rain on Sunday, because they were gone by Monday morning.

So far we are truly enjoying this Trial Run outing, even if the pets are not enjoying us being gone.   

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