Saturday, June 24, 2017


We only stayed at this small park one night, not even bothering to disconnect as we were in the get home mindset. 

City owned and operated the city park is easy access, but the sites are a little short for a 38 ft fifth wheel, but since we didn’t disconnect from the truck we barely fit on the pad.

For $15 per night you get water and electric and a dump station.  There is a nice walking trail in the park which allowed us to stretch our legs from the hours of being in the truck as we traveled.

The one drawback to this campground is where you have to pay, at City Hall in downtown Kilgore.

Take our advice and don’t pull your fifth wheel to go pay.  The place has minimal parking and the parking lot is two layered with a drop off from one section to the other.  We pulled in what we thought was a flat lot and realized, nearly too late that there was about a 10 inch drop in the middle of the lot.

Luckily we stopped in time, but we then had to back out into the main street traffic with a fifth wheel that would of blocked all lanes coming and going.  Gary sat and contemplated our best plan of action while I walked the rest of the way to City Hall to pay our one night stay.

It was the weekend, so it was locked up tight with no drop box or mail slot.  Hmmm, now what. 

By the time I got back to the truck it had been decided that backing out into to traffic was our only course of action.  Not good.  Hopefully I would be able to get traffic to stop.

Instead we were blessed by a couple of angels.  They saw our problem and blocked traffic for us by standing out in the middle of the road.  It turned out they were two volunteers with the local police department.  Thanks to them we got out into traffic and safely on our way.

We explained to them why we had got in that situation to begin with and they told us to not worry about paying and to have a safe trip. It seems that more than one camper had found themselves in the same situation, as evidenced by the broken curbing a scrape marks.  Lucky for us we stopped in time.

So we did as we were told and headed on out of town.  Thank you to those kind souls.

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