Saturday, March 25, 2017


As we were traveling from Venago to our next stop we unexpectedly had to stop at the Chevy dealership in Hays, KS because we discovered the cause of our problems on the truck periodically not starting after a fill up.  This time Gary actually saw the event while it was happening. 

The fuel filter housing had a crack in it and was actually spewing diesel out on occasion.

The dealership had the part in stock, replaced it and we were back on the road quickly. However, by then it was obvious to us we would not make our destination for the evening and we decided to spend the night at a campground at Ellis, KS.

We only spent one night at this small campground, but the view was spectacular out our back window.

This is a small city park.  There are plenty of camping signs coming into town to show you the way in. 

It is an honor system type park and our rate with free wi-fi and full hook-ups was $20.  The site #3 was an easy in and out, shaded pull-through. 

Had we had more time in our schedule we would have stayed another day or two just to explore the area. 

Because it is a city park we didn’t chance breaking any regulations by flying the quadcopter.  We did, however, go for a stroll after we set up for the day, along the river edge for a while, including sitting on the nice dock and just watching the river flow by. Of course we had our camera at hand and took a few photos.

All in all it was a pleasant campground and we would definitely do an overnight visit there again.

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