Tuesday, February 26, 2013


February 26, 2013

I had an idea, it seemed like a good one at the time and actually it still is, but I had no idea how one simple post would evolve into so many other posts, all linked back and forth to each other and all containing what I hope is good information for others.  All of which would need to go up about the same time in order to work well.

Here’s the story of the simple blog post that morphed into many, many more. 

On Saturday February 23, 2013 I decided I should write a book review blog to go along with my other five blogs.  I love to read, I do a ton of research on a large variety of subjects all the time, I’m done a book reviews for a publishing company in the past and really enjoyed it.  So why not? 

I put out feelers to see if others would be interested in such a blog and received numerous positive responses so Outside a Dog book reviews was born.

Sunday I set up the blog and then wrote a review of the book “FriendshipBread” by Darien Gee.  This is the blog that grew from a short review to many blog posts, including this one about why so many posts. (insert a very wicked grin here).

You see Friendship Bread is not just a book it’s a recipe. One I was curious about.  So I started doing research on its starter and its uses.

This of course reminded me of other such food items I had used in the past.  I was in a mood to expand our menu so I decided on writing about the food Friendship Bread on my Patterson’s Pantry blog.

This lead to the need to post the recipes for the Amish FriendshipBread Starter, and other starters over on Patterson’s Pantry Recipes blog.  Then of course there are the recipes for the use of these various starters, so there were posts lots of posts for these.   Do you see how this is going?

When you have that much food fermenting you get fruit flies.  So a post on MindYour Pennies on making your own fruit fly traps, and why not trap other insects while you are at it?

Many of the starters I use require refrigeration at one point or another, so both of my refrigerators needed cleaned out to accommodate them.  Why not right a blog about how to thoroughly clean a refrigerator, including annual maintenance on the refrigerator.  So a post was put on Patterson’sPrincess Plan for these thoughts as well.

Whenever I update a single blog I add a line to my signature line with a link to the update.  That was not going to work this time because I can’t exactly put a link that lists a dozen or so blog posts, which would all be going up within a 24 hour period of each other.  That lead to this explanation, which is of course, another blog post.   I will do my signature link line with this blog post address and hopefully people won’t get lost following the numerous other links as they read.

Jan who is now off to take photos of all the things for the six different blogs to help folks with visualization in OK

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