Thursday, November 5, 2009


This is a repeat of a story I wrote years ago about activity here on the Rock 'n Tree Ranch.  I hope you enjoy it.


She rose early, the deed had to be done if they were to protect part of their livelihood. Neither of them cared for what needed to be done. There was no getting around it. She knew that they would need strength and stamina for what lay before them.

Quickly she prepared a simple, but filling breakfast of biscuits and gravy, while he tended to the wood burning stove. Adding sufficient wood to keep it burning while they were away from the house.

Once breakfast dishes were cleared they discussed their avenue of attack. Stalling she put the beans that would be part of today's soup on the wood burning stove to cook. She truly dreaded what they were about to do.

Outside he was hooking the mule to the wagon as she gathered their bandanas and supplies. It would be a short trip. His shot gun was placed in it's holster on the mule, just in case.

Once they arrived he quickly threw a rope over a stout beam in the barn. He would need it's strength to lift the dead weight later. Together they removed any items that might hamper what they had come to do.

Her voice muffled by the bandana that covered one half of her face she said "Let's get this over with" His eyes above his bandana looked straight at her as he said "Guess, we'd better do this before all the stock gets sick and dies."

Outside the stock made nervous noises as they milled about. Uncomfortable with what was going on in their barn. The man and woman worked quickly. Removing the problem by the wagon load. Occasionally there would be loud sounds from the young stock trapped inside.

At one point she traveled back to the house to add the remaining ingredients to the soup pot and check the stove. He labored hard while she was gone.

Five hours after they started, both covered with a fine layer of dust. Bandanas thick with the debris of their labors they silently lowered the dead weight back to the ground and removed the rope from the beam. All looked as it should.

Terrified the young stock allowed themselves to be herded into realms they neither recognized or really wanted to see. They had no choice. Movement was essential to survive.

Back at the house the soup warmed and filled their bodies on this cold November afternoon. Tired and sore they knew that the stock would now be safe and healthy for the next 6 months. For this they rejoiced, they had not enjoyed the job at all.

It was time to relax and celebrate. The young had been moved safely. The block and tackle had worked perfectly to raise the massive roost to make the cleaning easier. It would be six months before they had to clean the guinea coop again! It was a job well done.

LORD I hate cleaning the Keet Kingdom!!! LOL

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