Monday, July 27, 2009


"Meow", a dilute calico paw reached out and tapped Sean on his cheek. As he slept. "Meow"

"Go away Lizzie I'm tired" Sean grumbled.

"Meow", a single claw now protruded from her paw as she tapped his cheek again, scraping his curly beard as she drug her claw through it..

"Liz!" he said as he opened his eyes, then "oh okay Liz that's nice, real nice"

As he looked at the dainty dilute calico cat that set on his chest he gazed straight into her huge amber eyes. Then he realized why her meow was muffled. Hanging out of her mouth was a live mouse.


"That's okay Lizzie I don't want it, you can have it, thanks anyway."

The paw reached out and tapped harder. "MEOW" and she dropped the mouse on his chest. The mouse immediately dashed under his covers to join him in the warmth of the covers.

Lizzie pouncing after the rodent, before he could stop it Sean found him self tangled in bed covers with mouse and cat rushing around his bare legs.

"Whoa!" Sean shouted as he leaped from the bed just as Lizzie caught the mouse again.

"Meow" she glared at him as if to say "I gave you a perfectly good mouse and did you take care of it? Nooooo,"

"I'm sorry Liz I'm not a good mouser like you."

"Meow", then as if to give him a mouse play lesson she laid the mouse gently on the covers of his now abandoned bed and began to play with a mouse as only a cat can. Every so often the amber eyes would turn toward the red headed man as the cat murmured "meow".

After a period of time the mouse played dead. Lizzie looked at Sean and said once more "Meow"then tapped his hand with her paw. Then tapped the mouse.


"Oh okay" Sean said and poked the mouse with his finger. The mouse jumped up and ran off the bed. Delighted Lizzie sprang after the mouse, with a gleeful "Meow" over her shoulder to Sean as she and the mouse both darted out of the bedroom.

Not exactly the ending Sean had planned for his nap today, that is for sure.

Jan who laughed so hard at Sean as he was telling his story she nearly wet her pants in OK

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